About Time We Updated!!! - Built By Request
Built By Request
Took 11 days, but we got more to update!

First big news, we have several theme request's fulfilled!
AlucardFair has built Dallas Cowboys, Florida Gators, Company of Heroes, Faded and Faded-Negative for the 83xx.

AlucardFair has also released Wario for the 83xx and successfully ported over Ignite from the 81xx to the 83xx.

Kratos101 has released Princess Bride, Robin Hood Men in Tights, Shatter (Invisable Icons) "Flick" ("So here's another of my invisible icon themes. This one I call Shatter "Flick", theres 10 icons and they're all in the same spot, as you roll the trackball one will apper as the other disappers with an invisible profile icon at the top... ***WARNING*** to keep the invisible effect DON'T put a 3rd party app on the home screen unless you have it in a folder first because it will ruin the effect!!"), MSPCA and Yank's Suck for the 83xx.

Ducky has released New york Yankees and Silver Surfer for the 83xx.

We have also picked up a NEW Developer, GR4FF1T1. He will soon be releasing 3 themes for the 83xx. Bloodplus, Fooly Cooly and Eureka Seven. Look for them soon.

We still have several themes in the works, so keep an eye out for all of our newest themes.
10/26/2009 11:16:31

i love the gators and cowboys themes, totally awesome xD, i like a lot of you and your partners themes, i cant choose which to choose from each day :P thanks a lot :D


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