Built By Request
Well, AlucardFair said he would get more out this week and he's coming through for all of us BlackBerry Users! 15 themes came out of testing today and some of them are fulfilled requests.

AlucardFair has released another BlackBerry Conversion Series for the 83xx. This one is based off of the 9500(Storm) and respectively title, "9500". The request for a Louis Vuitton User-Interactive theme for the 83xx has also been fulfilled. Request fulfilled for the 89xx series, Ferrari User-Interactive has been released. And YET another theme request has been fulfilled, Thundercats was built for the 8350i and sucessfully ported over for the 85xx. Awesome Release!

Ducky has released Angelina Jolie, Blue Angels, Tuner, USMC and Washington Redskins for the 83xx. He's currently working on a great series for the 89xx and I can't wait for them to release.

GR4FF1T1 has been on top of his game and released a great selection of 5 more anime themes for the 83xx. Elfen Lied, Fate Stay Night, Fullmetal Alchemist, Initial D and Inuyasha! Man are those some saweet themes! (I even Heard a word of ports coming out soon, keep the fingers crossed!)

That's it for now, a great second release this week. Man can I hope for another one this week. I sure can and I hope we get to see some more. I know AlucardFair has more themes in the works from requests. You guys are keeping him BUSY! That's great we are getting such a great response for the efforts of Built By Request.

12/28/2009 02:24:33 am

I requested the Ferrari theme for my BB 8900 and I just loved it...just how I wanted it...Congratulations on it and your site

12/28/2009 08:46:20 pm


Glad you like it! This is a perfect Birthday gift, support is all I ask and you followed through! Thank you!

4/24/2012 11:10:44 am

good one post dude


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