Built By Request
So we've all been waiting to find out what the crew here at Built By Request has been doing. Well now is the time to share the Love and that's all you need. RIM gave us the free download of "All You Need Is Love" by the Beatles and this release we're gonna give you some Love of our own.
AlucardFair really went to a new level with his theme building, Introducing us to "Stage Light" Icons in his arsenal of themes. With the ability to even hide the icons on select models. We're bringing out "Beatles" User-Interactive for the 83xx, 8350i, 85xx, 87xx, 88xx, 89xx, 9000, 9630 and 9700. AlucardFair even released, "All You Need Is Love" Ringtones in 3 different parts.

AlucardFair has released, along with the "Beatles", some great requests that got fulfilled. For the 83xx: Baby Phat (UI), Converse (UI), Indianpolis Colts (UI), Joker 2.0 (UI), Philidelphia Eagles (UI) and Vampire Hunter D (UI). Just for fun he built Monster (HER) for the 83xx.

Kratos101 is still out, but did let us know, he's still creating themes while not taking requests. Unfortunately, he was unable to submit his themes for this release. But we're looking to get them soon.

Ducky has fulfilled a request and created Ed Hardy (Pink) for the 83xx.

GR4FF1T1 has graced us again with another of his anime themes. I was surprised to see it, as I haven't seen this show in years and he did a great job putting it together. He has released DragonBall for the 83xx.

That's all for now. I've seen more themes going into testing, so hopefully we'll get more out soon! As we carry on today, remember all you need is love(and a good theme).
1/22/2010 01:15:19 am

thanks for the joker 2.0 theme yu created for me once i saw it i knew that yu did the job!


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