Built By Request
This week I, AlucardFair, will be bringing on the release info. I've been out sick and the site has been down with me. So I'm making it up to everyone with my Presence.

First off I have released a couple of requests, so let me start. Lucida Zen was made for the 95xx. A Stock 5.0 OS Double Bottom Dock theme for the 89xx. And my newest self creation Alienation for the 96xx for OS 4.7.1 and 5.0, it was also made for the 9700.

Ducky has released a nice Port of the Breast Cancer Awareness theme for the 89xx.

GR4FF1T1 added Trinity Blood for the 83xx to our list of terrific anime themes.

There is several themes in testing and more in the works. And since I was out last weekend for the site update, I'm gonna try and get more out through this week depending on how the testing comes out.
10/26/2010 05:21:11 pm

aaauww great

2/2/2011 08:34:21 am

6/17/2011 12:40:00 pm

Woo,It is my pleasure to share this ,good luck for you!


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