Built By Request
That's right, we've got alot coming out! (And even more to come shhh...). Let's dive Right in and see what's going down.

AlucardFair has released John Deere (HER), the Golden Girls and Mossy Oak (UI) for the 83xx. Neon Skulls (UI) for the 82xx. Glock 27 (UI) for the 89xx. Vincent Valentine (UI) for the 90xx. Mickey and Minnie Mouse (UI) for the 85xx and successfully ported to the 8350i and Naruto Shippuden for the 81xx.

Kratos101 is still out for personal business, but has informed us, he is still working on themes and learning new stuff. Hopefully everything stays okay for him and he will return to us with a great amount of themes for our users.

Ducky has been on the up and up by releasing Ohio State for the 83xx. Ghost Rider and WRX for the 89xx. He also released a nice Tribal theme for the 8350i.

GR4FF1T1 is working on themes and they're currently in testing. He's been working on new stuff and expanding from Anime to his own artwork(which looks awesome).

With all this said and not quite done. AlucardFair is still working on more request and has even started trying to make a new project. He also spotted some great Talent for a new Theme Developer and signed HER on. That's right, we're taking on our first full time Female Theme Developer. Right now her work is currently in testing to make sure we're all set for her release, then will release her info and all of her Themes. Ducky has been taking on some serious requests and they should be out of testing soon, so lets keep him busy and request some more!
We're out for now, enjoy!

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