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Another great day/week for the staff here at Built By Request as we have 22 themes being released today and several theme announcements!

AlucardFair has fulfilled 8 theme requests including; iClone (83xx Port) Features: 5 changeable wallpapers and an extra icon slot for your weather icon display. 4 Halloween themes; Happy Halloween, Halloween (Original Movie), Halloween (Rob Zombie) and the Nightmare B4 Xmas. Check em out! Underworld: User-interactive Features: 10 changeable wallpapers. A Masonic theme for all the Freemasons. And lastly, Ignite for the 81xx was built with a "L" Dock and the Establo Font built by Bartek Nowak (check out his fonts HERE).

AlucardFair has also released 4 User-interactive themes for the 83xx; Tribute, Rocky, HIM and Happy Bunny.

Kratos101 has fulfilled the SAW Movie theme with 2 versions availbale for download.

Kratos101 has also released 3 83xx themes; Max Payne, Marvel Civil War and Prince of Persia-Today.

Ducky has released 5 83xx themes. New York Yankees, Chevy, Greenbay Packers, Ducky and Texas Longhorns. Check em out!

We have also updated our Request a Theme page. Ducky is now available to requests for custom themes.

More themes have been requested! In the works, AlucardFair is working on 2 User-interactive themes for the 83xx - Dallas Cowboys and Florida Gators. He also has a Resident Evil theme in the works for the 83xx. Keep up with the requests in progress - HERE

More, more and more themes are coming your way! AlucardFair has several themes (Side Projects) in the works. Currently they are Disney based and he will be releasing around 7 of them at the same time for the 83xx.

We know we have several themes for the 83xx (Most Popular-Most Requested). We're reaching out to ALL of our other BlackBerry users. Go through our themes, see one you like but its not for your device? Request the developer to port the theme for your model.

One LAST thing before I close out today's Update: We would like our users suggestions. So take the time to scroll down and fill out a comment. We wanna know: What do you think of the site so far. What would you like to see done? What do you think needs to be changed?
10/15/2009 09:43:36 am

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