Built By Request
... That's right, it got better! Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving. Now, remember last week I mentioned next release will be sweet (I saw the list)? Well I was right (and shocked). I knew what was coming out, but not how many ports were gonna be available. 30 total themes, including ports. I also mentioned that we wanted to kick Kratos101 for his release. Well now I wanna KICK AlucardFair for his (LOL).

AlucardFair has fulfilled his requests.... SF 49ers (UI) for the 83xx, Pride (UI) for the 81xx, Lucida Zen for the 83xx and a port for the 85xx, BBlista 2.0 for the 85xx and a port for the 8350i. AlucardFair has also released His Fusion Series for the 9630 for OS 4.7.1 and 5.0 with ports for the 9700. (6 colors in all- Blue, Green, Pink, Purple, Red and Yellow). Check em all out!

Kratos101 is still out on Vacation... (Lucky Guy). But you can still keep the requests coming. But he has released BioMechanical Art for the 83xx (Request Fulfilled) and a Shelby GT-500 Port for the 89xx.

Ducky has released his fulfilled requests for the 83xx and the 95xx. For the 83xx: LA Lakers, NE Patriots and Ed Hardy. For the 95xx: Robin.

Gr4FF1T1 has released Chrono Crusade for the 83xx. and more to come!

Well it looks like AlucardFair has decided to help others in more than just FREE Themes. He has decided to hold a Contest for Guest Developers (Best of the Self Developers). More Details coming soon. Make sure to check Twitter throughout the week for exclusives. He has also decided to launch a "Help Forum" here on Built By Request. So give it time- Let things get together- Lets go for the BEST BlackBerry Smartphone Website out there! Let me hear your voice in our comments section, lets see who really wants this.
11/30/2009 09:09:13 pm

Ducky made the UGA softball theme and the Ed Hardy theme for me and I absoutely love them! Keep up the great work guys! =]


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