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Built By Request
In a short time (just under a year) we've seen Built By Request go from a a guy on a forum, to a full fledged site with a Theme Developer and Testing Staff (& ME, Ciao). They've supplied a lot of Great Free Themes and now, we have the ablilty to get even better Premium Themes.

Now adding another Premium Theme to the list, we've a good news. iClone for the 95xx has been Priced Marked down to $0.99. Play for the 89xx (OS 5.0) has been added and the Price has been dropped from $6.99 to $2.99! What a Great Deal, So lets dive right in!

WePlay - The Most Accurate Wii Menu Replica
Available for the 89xx, 95xx, 96xx & 9700 for OS 5.0
Full Custom Icons - 13 User Selected Icons on the HomeScreen (1st Slot Intended for a Weather Application / Displays On LockScreen), 1 Static Icon for Messages.
Wallpaper Friendly - User Changeable that Displays on HomeScreen and LockScreen.
Available now for just $3.99

And Lets not forget, we still have Free Themes to Release.

AlucardFair has Released Ignite for the 89xx, 96xx & the 9700 for OS 5.0. Features a Hidden Animated Mini Icon Dock. Each Individual Icon on the Dock has its own Sliding Effect to Reveal Itself. Weather Slot Icon Slot (1st Slot) Displays on the HomeScreen and the LockScreen.

Kratos101 Has Released Water Flames for the 9700. Features a 12 Mini Icon Split Dock and a Full Sized Weather Slot. An Added Twist to the Theme is the LockScreen, full look of a homescreen (all icons, including weather slot).

SunShine has released blackberry for the 96xx (OS 5.0) and the 9700. Features Hidden Today. Also released is Black and Lavender for the 89xx (OS 5.0) that features an Animated Hidden Dock. Utilizes the Space Bar and Escape (Back) keys to Show and Hide the Dock.

And off I go. Till next time, Ciao.

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