Built By Request
Okay, so most of you already know that Kratos101 was out. He has returned. You also know that we were in the process of bringing in a new Developer. Well, she has arrived. With several themes and the Sun rising high. We'd like to Welcome SunShine into the world of Developing. So, lets get to the releases.

AlucardFair has fulfilled a request for the ECU Pirates and made a nice theme for the 83xx.

Kratos101 is back and has released; Family Guy Blue Harvest, WoW Cataclysm and Monster all for the 83xx.

Ducky has released Harley Davidson for the 8350i.

GR4FF1T1 has released Abstract for the 8350i. Also he has released Green Tribal and Heroic Age for the 83xx.

SunShine has released a monstrocity of themes for the 83xx. So instead of linking every theme to a page, I'm gonna Give you links for each page.
Basic 1
Basic 2
Basic 3
Acient Egyptian, Bible, Blue Utopia, Buddah, Dreamland, Emily Strange, Enchantresses, Essence, Firefly, Floret, Forest, Gray Skulls, Masquerade, Native American Men, Native American Women, Natural Fantasy, Neon Green Butterfly, Ong Bak, (Pink) Ed Hardy, (Pink) Geisha, (Purple) Ed Hardy, Retro Barbie, Rough Waters, Salvador Dali and Van Gogh for the Basic Themes. For the User-Interactive she released; Alice In Wonderland, Invader Zim and Red Roses.

So with Kratos101 being Officially back, he's taking requests again. With SunShine coming aboard fulltime, she will start taking requests for themes. AlucardFair is taking a small break to finish up some requests and start more side projects (but has assured us, he will be coming back to taking requests).

With all this coming out and still alot in testing, we're hoping to release very soon with more to fit your personality.


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