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Yes, it's been awhile... again... BUT! We're back with Great News and Better Themes.

All of us here at Built By Request have been quite busy. So busy in fact, we've had to actually take everything and place it on the back burner. Last update we saw Ignite being released. Then all of a sudden, AlucardFair came in, posted it for more devices and we didn't officially update. Not saying it was all bad, Ignite was a HAWT Theme! and everyone proved it to be so with over 16,000 downloads in one day! (Yeah, I even had to get in on that one).

With More news coming, I saw some screens of themes everyone has been working on. These are some amazing themes. Unfortunately, the one I really want is being pushed back from this release...


But, before we continue onto our theme releasing. Lets take a look at one of our newest Testers. Yes, we got another one and he's been really giving us a hand. From ideas, feedback and resting. Yes, resting. He's quite well known in the Theme Development Community. With great insight of how themes should look, feel and function, we're glad to welcome him aboard to Built By Request and the Full BBR Family!

BigDogBo. That. Is. All.
Well, actually its not! Bo is our newest tester. Giving us a great hand with Themes for the Storm 2 (9550). We all have welcomed the Big Dog with open arms (yes we love our family) and are very fortunate to have him work with us. Besides, waht theme junkie would say no?! Free themes just for being apart of our family (putting up with some of our insanity) and giving into Device Torture. and Now from me, Live on the Net, Welcome to Built By Request Bo! Glad to have ya.

Read what BigDogBo is all about in HERE.

Now onto the themes... Can they really be all that good? Correctly answered. Yes, yes they are. That being said, we've all slowed down, going from quantity releases to quality releases. Can Built By Request get any better? Again, yes they have and are continuing to only bring quality out to all of the BBR Users. With so many Upcoming Theme Developers, everyone has decided to not only get better, but become more focused (Hence why themes are being pushed back).

AlucardFair knows there is no love for Storm Users (at least not as much as other devices). Well, with thanks to BigDogBo,he's giving Storm Users a Theme of their own! I introduce to you, BANdroid: A Real Android Experience. An Android Based Theme gives you Animated Today Screens, Sliding in from the left will give you Your messages and in from the right will give you your calendar. Quick Menu Access sets you up with 6 Static Icons for your Alarm, BBM, Browser, Calendar, Messages and Music. User Selected Dock, Fonts and wallpaper friendly. A Search Bar displays Owner name, weather slot (1st), date, Functional Search and Voicenotes Recorder Icons. Well, stop reading about it already and grab yourself a copy. Respectively Priced at just $1.99!

Also, based on a request (how he got one is amazing), but Alu has released Purple for the 81xx. Giving all the Stock Icons a Color Rendering and giving the homescreen a hideable dock. Make sure that if you love purple and have a Pearl 81xx, pick up Purple HERE.

SunShine has been rocking the theme request and has fulfilled quite a bit of them. Lets take a look at what she's got for us today.

Heartagram - A Theme for all of the HIM or Bam Margera Fans. This theme is great on colors and a custom icon set. Make sure that if your a fan of HIM, Bam Margera or a just a Theme Junkie, grab Heartagram for the 83xx now!

Hearts (Black and Hot Pink) is a request for the 89xx (OS 5.0). Using Walls that the User wanted. SunShine made this theme a blast! With a Double Banner and a Dock of Mini Icons that can be hidden with Key Presses, you can't beat the creativity and layout of this great theme. Pick it up for the 89xx (OS 5.0) or one of the ported versions for the 96xx (OS 4.7.1), 96xx (OS 5.0) or the 9700.

Horses another request was fulfilled for the 83xx with this great animated theme. With Automatic changing wallpapers, you'll never get tired of this theme with the wallpapers changing about every 10 seconds.

P90X is a great request that is fulfilled for the 96xx. With Silver and Black Colors and a clean and crisp display, you almost wanna pick it up and start exercising, the P90X way! Make sure to grab this theme for the 96xx (OS 4.7.1), 96xx (OS 5.0) or the 9700.

Yellow World: an Urban Look and Graffiti Styled walls, this is for the urbanists. This request was fulfilled for the 96xx and successfully ported for the 9700. If you love the urban culture and lots of yellow, pick this one up now. 96xx (OS 4.7.1), 96xx (OS 5.0) or the 9700.

It's been awhile since we updated fully and this one is a win for us all. We released great themes and even had a chance to pick up a great tester. That's it for now, enjoy the themes and even post your feedback here.


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