Whoop! We got more done! - Built By Request
Built By Request
Well, we've got more themes to put release for yall! So lets get it started....

AlucardFair has released 2 User-Interactive themes for the 83xx. Thundercats and Twitter. Check them out HERE. He also has released a Joker port for the 82xx and a Bleach port for the 9500 and a Masonic port for the 90xx.

Kratos101 has released 2 themes for the 83xx. Shelby GT-500 and Slipknot Pt.2. Check them out HERE.

GR4FF1T1 has released 2 themes for the 83xx. Burst Angel and Bleach. Check them out HERE.

DevilBunny has also fulfilled the request for the NWA-Express Yourself rintone. Check it out HERE.

We've gotten alot of requests and we have a lot in testing, so keep coming back to check out what's next.
11/16/2009 08:07:57

Hey thanks for the Bleach theme. It's really great thank you very much!!


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