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Updated!!! 9-17-10

 New Free and Premium Themes Released! Read Up HERE.
Most of our themes are Built By Request, get your favorite now or make your own request! Now offering Free, Premium and Site Exclusive Theme Needs. Make sure to Follow AlucardFair on the Official Twitter Account @BuiltByRequest

Something About the Staff

     Setting the Ways of the Trend. We take pride in our themes. Advancing our skills through every turn of the page, every step and breath we take is all about making ourselves better.

     Every test we do on our themes are extensive. We do our best to make sure everything is perfect before we deliver them. Process starts at the Developer. Making sure everything flows as best as possible, from Sims to Devices, we test them before they go to the tester. We can't have our products Brick Our Testers Devices, we need them to catch what we haven't, so they're good to go past the Developer. Once the Developer has made sure they feel good and display correctly on the Device, that's where are testers come into play and Boy are they Brutal! From Display and Interactions, they comb through it all trying not to miss a thing.

     Want to know why there are no Ads? All Staff Memebers are people, we know that the ads take up space, slow the site down and even become troublesome at times. So, we've decided to cut out the ads. Keep everything for the User as simple as possible. Yes, using ad space makes money, but we'd rather have the money come from our users that purchase and donate. Just FYI, all purchases and donations go towards the site, research and development tools.

     So what are you waiting for?! There are plenty of themes to grab and you can even take the time to make a request. It's What We Do.
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