Built By Request

BANdroid for 95xx/96xx/9700 OS 5.0

Animated Full Today Screens by Touching Device Screen
Left will Slide in Messages
Righ will Slide in Calendar
Quick Menu Access to 6 Static Icons (Alarm, BBM, Browser, Calendar, Messages and Music)
User Selected Dock and Fonts
Wallpaper Friendly
Google Bar Displays: Owner Name, Date, Weather Slot (1st) and Functional Search Buttons (Search and Voicenotes Recorder)

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WePlay for 89xx/95xx/96xx/9700 OS 5.0

Wii Replica Theme
CustomIcons Throughout Theme
13 User Selected Icons, 1 Static Icon for Messages on HomeScreen
1st Slot Optomized for Weather Application (Displays On HomeScreen)
Wallpaper Friendly (Displays On LockScreen)

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Play for 89xx/95xx/96xx/9700 OS 5.0

Stationed dock of 8 (6 for the Storm)user selected mini icons
Hidden Mini Icons under user dock become visible when entering a column of the user dock
Columns Scroll up and down while highlighting.
For Storm Scroll, highlight the lcon below the "Shadow". To return the Column to original state, touch below the last Icon in the column
1st slot intended for Weather Application (Shows on Home and Lock Screen)
Custom Signal Meter Shows as numbers in the banner next to "Play"
Custom Battery Meter Shows percentage of battery status
Wallpaper friendly: Home screen image displays on lock screen

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iClone for 95xx OS 5.0

iPhone Style Icons
Hidden wallpaper revealed by pressing right arrow (return by pressing left arrow).
Second Icon screen revealed by touching above the right arrow (return by touching above left arrow)
iPhone style lock screen revealed by pressing center above the static dock
iPhone style lock scrren deactivated by pressing button at the left side. Once the button is done sliding to the right, press it again.
New Message Menu activated upon receiving SMS, MMS, Email etc.
New Message Menu deactivated by pressing view or close.

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