Built By Request

Ignite                      Theme Features:

QWERTY Devices Feature:
 Animated Hidden Dock w/ Individual Slide - Weather Slot Visible On Home and Lock Screens.

Touch Device Features:
 Hidden Dock Activated and Hidden by Center Screen Touch - Weather Slot Visible On Home and Lock Screens - Landscape Displays Full Messages and Calendar Today

85xx OTA

89xx OTA

9000 OTA

9100 OTA

95xx OTA

96xx OTA

9700 OTA


BBSync                    Theme Features:

BeWeather is not included.
"Flick" Dock with 6 User selectable Slots
User Selectable 7th Icon Slot Optimized for the Weather Application(Also Appears on Lock Screen)
2 Today Slots (Half Size) for Messages and Phone Log
8 Banner Shortcuts for; Browser, Manage Connections, Calendar, Compose, Password Keeper, Options, Contacts and Search
QuickLaunch Application (Not Included in Theme) Shortcut launches by pressing the "Space" Bar (If Application is installed)
Lock Screen Optimized to Show only the Battery Meter, Alarm Indicator and Time from the banner (Still shows owner, information and lock icon)

Read our update HERE.

85xx(5.0) OTA

89xx(5.0) OTA

9000(5.0) OTA

96xx(4.7.1) OTA

96xx(5.0) OTA

9700 OTA