Built By Request
Okay, times have been rough. New schedules and work hours and kids getting out of school, BUT! Built By Request is getting back on Track. Now Offering Free and Premium Theme Needs. So Let's dive Right In and see what we've got that's new.

AlucardFair has been working on some Premium Themes and are now available here through Mobihand. Check out Play and iClone HERE. Also, be aware these themes are on sale until 7-1-2010, so pick em up while they're HOT!

Kratos101 Fulfilled another request for one of our users. A stock OS 5.0 Replica for the 96xx. Cal-Slots Features 10 Calendar Slots and 10 Mini Icons with a Weather Slot.

GR4FF1T1 Has released another great theme for the Mustang Fantics for the 83xx, 8350i and 85xx. Get your Horse on with this fantastic theme featuring one of America's Iconic Classics.

SunShine has been on a roll with Requests and projects of her own. For the 83xx, She has released Devil May Cry (UI), Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince (UI), Hypno-Hearts, X-Files and Western ((ANIMATED)). For the 85xx she has released Mitsubishi (UI) and Urchin. For the 89xx (OS 5.0), 96xx (OS 4.7.1), 96xx (OS 5.0) and 9700 she has released Black and Hot Pink.

So with all this, I'm hoping this becomes a regular tradition of updates again. I've been missing my hot seat and these really hot themes!

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