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In celebration of Turkey Day, we at Built By Request are bringing out the BIG guns and releasing 20 Themes for our users. Plenty of requests fulfilled and taking more. We even pushed out some side projects. We have lots of great news for our users, so lets get started.

First off, we'd like to announce that Built By Request is now on Twitter. We want our users to be able to follow us and keep up with our updates while on the run. Get our link HERE.

AlucardFair has been pushing out some serious builds, incorporating more into the themes to make them look a lot smoother. First, hes has fulfilled 3 User-Interactive theme requests for the 83xx. Cutie Skull, the Used and Sons of Anarchy. Just for fun, he has also released an Interactive MarlBerry theme for the 83xx and a basic Ferrari Dino Concept theme for the 83xx. Basic or Interactive. AlucardFair Has also fulfilled an 89xx request by making a basic OS 5.0 theme and putting 15 Icons on the Home Screen. Check it out HERE. AlucardFair has also released..... the 9700 BlackB

Kratos was on a serious roll this week (and we all want to kcik him for the upcoming list). LOL JKJK, all in fun, he is really a great and talented theme developer and we appreciate his hard work. So Lets look at what he has released: Autumn for the Thanksgiving feel on your 83xx. An All Dogs Christmas theme for the 83xx to help get you in the mood for the Holiday Season. We've also got The Boonedock Saints, Tony Hawk, God of War, God of War II, God of War III, God of War: Chains of Olympus and Watchmen all built for the 83xx. Check out his themes HERE.

Ducky has been out sick, but managed to grace us with one of his brilliant themes. Lambo has been released for the 83xx. Check out his themes HERE.

GR4FF1T1 has passed us some great Anime themes for the 83xx. He has released Code Geass, Black Lagoon and Chrome Shelled Regios. Get em all HERE.

So I hope everyone is enjoying this release, next will be awesome as I have seen the Upcoming testing list (SWEET!!!). So, Follow Us on Twitter and keep up with our updates. We maybe out for a week for the Holidays, I know for sure Kratos101 will be out, he'll be taking requests, but will not be able to fulfill them untill he returns.

Also, we need everyone's opinion for this next comment....

We all have a pretty good knowing of who AlucardFair is by now, Correct? Well if not, he's a member and moderator over at eVeek Forums. One of his followers has stated to him that he should make his own forum here on Built By Request. What we want to know is, who wants a BlackBerry Help Forum put out by AlucardFair himself? Leave your comments below.
11/23/2009 11:56:02 am

Absolutly love all the themes, especially those that were recently released. Amazing work, by far the best theme site I have ever visited! I will definatly return :-p


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