Built By Request
Okay, I'm proud to announce a new request has been filled and a new request is in the works!

The newest theme is a MadBall N.Y.H.C. based theme. Check it out on my page.
Follow navigation to find it...
83xx Themes>AlucardFair>Basic>page 3

Any comments on this theme, feel free to leave them in the comments section.

Theme request in the works!
As many times we have all seen this style of theme, it was requested... I don't want to disappoint anyone, so I will try my best on this one. iPhone style theme for the 89xx.

Keep the request's coming!

Also check out Kratos101's 83xx themes, World War HULK has been added to the site. Also he has ported over his Skull today theme from the 83xx to the 8520. So get a move on and pick em up.

Check out Kill Bill Vol 1 under the 83xx themes by AlucardFair(Found on the same page as MadBall). And 4 new ringtones have been added to my ringtones page. They are 4 tracks from Kill Bill Vol 1.

I'm also proud to announce our newest Developer Ducky!

Thanks to all the users for kicking this site off with a big BANG!

The Madball NYHC theme is tops. Everywhere i searched for a Madball theme and nothing, but one request and 24 hours later, i was amazed beyond belief. The artistic cretivity and choice of grahics used was perfect, especially given the fact that my request was very vague and left the entire project in the hands of AF himself. Thanks again AF! Great work!


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