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Well, we're back with another release! Got some great themes coming your way for 3 different models. Got some bad news too, but its got a great ending.

AlucardFair has released has released some great request for the 83xx. BeBe(UI), Tx Longhorns(HER)(UI), TinkerBell(UI), GStars(UI) and Dharma(B). Also Requested was Peace for the 96xx, which was successfully ported for OS 4.7.1 and 5.0 and the 9700. AlucardFair has also released Jackass and a Pink Version for HER on the 83xx.

Kratos101 has Ported over the request for his ICP theme from the 83xx to the 8350i. For the 83xx Kratos101 has released Planets-Today and South Park.

Ducky has released 5 great themes for the 89xx. Dale Earnhardt JR, Dale Earnhardt SR, Eva Mendes, Final Fantasy VII and Lord of the Rings. He has also ported over the USMC from the 83xx to the 88xx for a request.

GR4FF1T1 has released an awesome DragonBall Z theme for the 83xx.

Now on to the "BAD" News... Kratos101 is stopping the requests... For Now. He will be taking requests again, but for now, make all your requests through Ducky. So that's not too bad, but is a bummer we may not see too many Kratos101 Themes for awhile... But we'll gladly wait for his return!

Let us know how you think we're doing, leave us a comment, that's all we really ask for is feedback from our users.
Well, AlucardFair said he would get more out this week and he's coming through for all of us BlackBerry Users! 15 themes came out of testing today and some of them are fulfilled requests.

AlucardFair has released another BlackBerry Conversion Series for the 83xx. This one is based off of the 9500(Storm) and respectively title, "9500". The request for a Louis Vuitton User-Interactive theme for the 83xx has also been fulfilled. Request fulfilled for the 89xx series, Ferrari User-Interactive has been released. And YET another theme request has been fulfilled, Thundercats was built for the 8350i and sucessfully ported over for the 85xx. Awesome Release!

Ducky has released Angelina Jolie, Blue Angels, Tuner, USMC and Washington Redskins for the 83xx. He's currently working on a great series for the 89xx and I can't wait for them to release.

GR4FF1T1 has been on top of his game and released a great selection of 5 more anime themes for the 83xx. Elfen Lied, Fate Stay Night, Fullmetal Alchemist, Initial D and Inuyasha! Man are those some saweet themes! (I even Heard a word of ports coming out soon, keep the fingers crossed!)

That's it for now, a great second release this week. Man can I hope for another one this week. I sure can and I hope we get to see some more. I know AlucardFair has more themes in the works from requests. You guys are keeping him BUSY! That's great we are getting such a great response for the efforts of Built By Request.

This week I, AlucardFair, will be bringing on the release info. I've been out sick and the site has been down with me. So I'm making it up to everyone with my Presence.

First off I have released a couple of requests, so let me start. Lucida Zen was made for the 95xx. A Stock 5.0 OS Double Bottom Dock theme for the 89xx. And my newest self creation Alienation for the 96xx for OS 4.7.1 and 5.0, it was also made for the 9700.

Ducky has released a nice Port of the Breast Cancer Awareness theme for the 89xx.

GR4FF1T1 added Trinity Blood for the 83xx to our list of terrific anime themes.

There is several themes in testing and more in the works. And since I was out last weekend for the site update, I'm gonna try and get more out through this week depending on how the testing comes out.
... That's right, it got better! Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving. Now, remember last week I mentioned next release will be sweet (I saw the list)? Well I was right (and shocked). I knew what was coming out, but not how many ports were gonna be available. 30 total themes, including ports. I also mentioned that we wanted to kick Kratos101 for his release. Well now I wanna KICK AlucardFair for his (LOL).

AlucardFair has fulfilled his requests.... SF 49ers (UI) for the 83xx, Pride (UI) for the 81xx, Lucida Zen for the 83xx and a port for the 85xx, BBlista 2.0 for the 85xx and a port for the 8350i. AlucardFair has also released His Fusion Series for the 9630 for OS 4.7.1 and 5.0 with ports for the 9700. (6 colors in all- Blue, Green, Pink, Purple, Red and Yellow). Check em all out!

Kratos101 is still out on Vacation... (Lucky Guy). But you can still keep the requests coming. But he has released BioMechanical Art for the 83xx (Request Fulfilled) and a Shelby GT-500 Port for the 89xx.

Ducky has released his fulfilled requests for the 83xx and the 95xx. For the 83xx: LA Lakers, NE Patriots and Ed Hardy. For the 95xx: Robin.

Gr4FF1T1 has released Chrono Crusade for the 83xx. and more to come!

Well it looks like AlucardFair has decided to help others in more than just FREE Themes. He has decided to hold a Contest for Guest Developers (Best of the Self Developers). More Details coming soon. Make sure to check Twitter throughout the week for exclusives. He has also decided to launch a "Help Forum" here on Built By Request. So give it time- Let things get together- Lets go for the BEST BlackBerry Smartphone Website out there! Let me hear your voice in our comments section, lets see who really wants this.
In celebration of Turkey Day, we at Built By Request are bringing out the BIG guns and releasing 20 Themes for our users. Plenty of requests fulfilled and taking more. We even pushed out some side projects. We have lots of great news for our users, so lets get started.

First off, we'd like to announce that Built By Request is now on Twitter. We want our users to be able to follow us and keep up with our updates while on the run. Get our link HERE.

AlucardFair has been pushing out some serious builds, incorporating more into the themes to make them look a lot smoother. First, hes has fulfilled 3 User-Interactive theme requests for the 83xx. Cutie Skull, the Used and Sons of Anarchy. Just for fun, he has also released an Interactive MarlBerry theme for the 83xx and a basic Ferrari Dino Concept theme for the 83xx. Basic or Interactive. AlucardFair Has also fulfilled an 89xx request by making a basic OS 5.0 theme and putting 15 Icons on the Home Screen. Check it out HERE. AlucardFair has also released..... the 9700 BlackB

Kratos was on a serious roll this week (and we all want to kcik him for the upcoming list). LOL JKJK, all in fun, he is really a great and talented theme developer and we appreciate his hard work. So Lets look at what he has released: Autumn for the Thanksgiving feel on your 83xx. An All Dogs Christmas theme for the 83xx to help get you in the mood for the Holiday Season. We've also got The Boonedock Saints, Tony Hawk, God of War, God of War II, God of War III, God of War: Chains of Olympus and Watchmen all built for the 83xx. Check out his themes HERE.

Ducky has been out sick, but managed to grace us with one of his brilliant themes. Lambo has been released for the 83xx. Check out his themes HERE.

GR4FF1T1 has passed us some great Anime themes for the 83xx. He has released Code Geass, Black Lagoon and Chrome Shelled Regios. Get em all HERE.

So I hope everyone is enjoying this release, next will be awesome as I have seen the Upcoming testing list (SWEET!!!). So, Follow Us on Twitter and keep up with our updates. We maybe out for a week for the Holidays, I know for sure Kratos101 will be out, he'll be taking requests, but will not be able to fulfill them untill he returns.

Also, we need everyone's opinion for this next comment....

We all have a pretty good knowing of who AlucardFair is by now, Correct? Well if not, he's a member and moderator over at eVeek Forums. One of his followers has stated to him that he should make his own forum here on Built By Request. What we want to know is, who wants a BlackBerry Help Forum put out by AlucardFair himself? Leave your comments below.
Well, we've got more themes to put release for yall! So lets get it started....

AlucardFair has released 2 User-Interactive themes for the 83xx. Thundercats and Twitter. Check them out HERE. He also has released a Joker port for the 82xx and a Bleach port for the 9500 and a Masonic port for the 90xx.

Kratos101 has released 2 themes for the 83xx. Shelby GT-500 and Slipknot Pt.2. Check them out HERE.

GR4FF1T1 has released 2 themes for the 83xx. Burst Angel and Bleach. Check them out HERE.

DevilBunny has also fulfilled the request for the NWA-Express Yourself rintone. Check it out HERE.

We've gotten alot of requests and we have a lot in testing, so keep coming back to check out what's next.
We know it's been a long two weeks, but we're still here to fulfill your theme needs and wants!

AlucardFair Has released 3 BlackBerry Conversions for the 83xx; 8350i, 8900 and 9000. Check out his section to get them now.

Ducky has fulfilled a the request for a Fastpitch Softball theme for the 83xx based on the requesters favorite team, UGA. Check it out HERE.

GR4FF1T1 Has released 4 themes for the 83xx! And they're for all the Anime Lovers that visit the site. Blood Plus, Air Gear, Eureka Seven and Fooly Cooly. Check em out HERE.

We have several themes in the works and 8 themes in testing that should be released next week! Keep all requests coming in.
Took 11 days, but we got more to update!

First big news, we have several theme request's fulfilled!
AlucardFair has built Dallas Cowboys, Florida Gators, Company of Heroes, Faded and Faded-Negative for the 83xx.

AlucardFair has also released Wario for the 83xx and successfully ported over Ignite from the 81xx to the 83xx.

Kratos101 has released Princess Bride, Robin Hood Men in Tights, Shatter (Invisable Icons) "Flick" ("So here's another of my invisible icon themes. This one I call Shatter "Flick", theres 10 icons and they're all in the same spot, as you roll the trackball one will apper as the other disappers with an invisible profile icon at the top... ***WARNING*** to keep the invisible effect DON'T put a 3rd party app on the home screen unless you have it in a folder first because it will ruin the effect!!"), MSPCA and Yank's Suck for the 83xx.

Ducky has released New york Yankees and Silver Surfer for the 83xx.

We have also picked up a NEW Developer, GR4FF1T1. He will soon be releasing 3 themes for the 83xx. Bloodplus, Fooly Cooly and Eureka Seven. Look for them soon.

We still have several themes in the works, so keep an eye out for all of our newest themes.
Another great day/week for the staff here at Built By Request as we have 22 themes being released today and several theme announcements!

AlucardFair has fulfilled 8 theme requests including; iClone (83xx Port) Features: 5 changeable wallpapers and an extra icon slot for your weather icon display. 4 Halloween themes; Happy Halloween, Halloween (Original Movie), Halloween (Rob Zombie) and the Nightmare B4 Xmas. Check em out! Underworld: User-interactive Features: 10 changeable wallpapers. A Masonic theme for all the Freemasons. And lastly, Ignite for the 81xx was built with a "L" Dock and the Establo Font built by Bartek Nowak (check out his fonts HERE).

AlucardFair has also released 4 User-interactive themes for the 83xx; Tribute, Rocky, HIM and Happy Bunny.

Kratos101 has fulfilled the SAW Movie theme with 2 versions availbale for download.

Kratos101 has also released 3 83xx themes; Max Payne, Marvel Civil War and Prince of Persia-Today.

Ducky has released 5 83xx themes. New York Yankees, Chevy, Greenbay Packers, Ducky and Texas Longhorns. Check em out!

We have also updated our Request a Theme page. Ducky is now available to requests for custom themes.

More themes have been requested! In the works, AlucardFair is working on 2 User-interactive themes for the 83xx - Dallas Cowboys and Florida Gators. He also has a Resident Evil theme in the works for the 83xx. Keep up with the requests in progress - HERE

More, more and more themes are coming your way! AlucardFair has several themes (Side Projects) in the works. Currently they are Disney based and he will be releasing around 7 of them at the same time for the 83xx.

We know we have several themes for the 83xx (Most Popular-Most Requested). We're reaching out to ALL of our other BlackBerry users. Go through our themes, see one you like but its not for your device? Request the developer to port the theme for your model.

One LAST thing before I close out today's Update: We would like our users suggestions. So take the time to scroll down and fill out a comment. We wanna know: What do you think of the site so far. What would you like to see done? What do you think needs to be changed?
Well we had a couple of issues today... But they are now fixed! Breast Cancer Awareness OTA link is available. And there was some font Issues with the 89xx iClone theme. Which is now fixed.

Sorry for any inconvenience to any user of this site that experienced difficulties today...

Regards... AlucardFair